We are Complete

The assumption we often make is we are broken and therefore we must get fixed, or we are lost, therefore we must find ourselves.

The reality is different. The reality is we are whole to begin with. There is nowhere to go, nowhere to come from, nothing to fix or change. Think of a baby in its first few years of life, a baby before it is influenced by the world around it. Watch how it interacts with its environment.

The only thing needed is for us to be true to ourselves. Nothing more, nothing less. True to ourselves.

Figure 1:  We are complete. We are the start and the finish.

The circle above represents wholeness. The line points north. True north represents constancy. The compass always points north.

The arrow going anticlockwise from true north signifies the regression we often embark on as we try to ‘fix’ ourselves. Anticlockwise in our culture means going in the wrong direction.

We are the start and the finish. There is no beginning and no end.

There is no learning or unlearning.

There are no good or bad habits.

There are no beliefs.

There is just US.

We are always there… waiting!

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