Coming back to Centre

I had one of those conversations yesterday where the conversation goes quiet. It’s where everything slows down in the moment as we are both, in our own way, realising what had come up for us. For me as coach, this was not a pre-determined destination. For my client, this was a real insight.

Part of the conversation went something like,

Client: I am not thinking so much about money anymore. It’s amazing, but I’m learning to get better at it. (He fills it out some more)

Me: When you say, get better at it, what do you mean?

Client: It’s like a pendulum. First I was thinking about scarcity, not having enough and then there are times when I think that money is bad, money is not good (this is my client’s ‘default’ setting ever since I met him). I’ve gotten better at accepting money as a necessary thing in my life, but I feel I have to get it back to centre.

Me: Back to centre?

Client: Yes, to a place where I’m not thinking about it, good or bad. So that I can get on with what I’m doing in the business and have money and that helps me and my business, but where the presence of money is not annoying me. I know, that if I got to that place, the ‘lack’ of money would stop being an issue because the money would find its way to me. I’m doing the work. I’m giving people a really good service. How do I get to that place, that centre?

Me: Don’t you see? You’ve said it just now?

How do I get to that place, that centre?

The answer is in your question, ‘How do I?’

By trying to answer that question, you are still thinking about money. It doesn’t matter the context. It just matters that you are thinking about it…

The pendulum is not ‘trying’ to get to centre. It always does, even though it swings either side of centre…

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