I Am a Tree

I am a Tree on the landscape

When I look out on the horizon from my window, I see nature as God intended.

I had been meditating on how to truly slow down and allow myself to BE.

You see I’m challenged about how to allow myself to BE and yet how to bring in an income for my family, to be a success in my eyes and that of everyone around me and to be comfortable, so that I can enjoy life for what it is, so that I can spread my goodness in the help of others.

And the analogy of the tree came into my mind.

A tree on the landscape is the picture of calm.

It stands majestically in the distance, always still, calm and not appearing to do anything.

And when the wind blows it allows itself to be pulled and pushed in this direction and that. But never will it allow itself to be moved beyond a point.

And when the frost comes, it stands tall and still, but the frost will not cause it stress as its heart is deep within its core, protected.

The tree stands tall, always doing the right thing, never too soon or too late. Always what’s needed when it’s needed. The seasons always being its guiding star.

It looks after its offspring very carefully as it grows, keeping it close and protecting it, supporting it as it takes it’s first steps into its own world, but at some point it knows it has to let it go, it knows it sometimes will fall from it’s branches and move away too far from the protection of it’s parent. But that’s all right. That is the way of nature and that’s OK.

As the tree grows and matures, its branches become more plentiful as it becomes more and more involved in its surroundings. Its branches make more and more connections.

And the tree supports so many other living things, plants, animals and other organisms. It’s all giving in its own way.

What makes the tree so strong? What gives it its strength?

Well, look at it from ground up and admire the deep root structure that spread across the ground and down into the soil. This acts as an anchor and a food source. The tree spent many years perfecting this structure always going for the deepest places and the most resourceful places to give it the best chance in life.

Its trunk is strong and sturdy growing steadily each year so that it is ready to carry the immense network of branches with grace and ease when the time comes.

Its branches fan out far and wide to give it the best viewpoint the best chance of surviving and thriving.

And its leaves are carefully crafted to take advantage of the natural and refreshing sunlight that nature offers.

And as I look out on the horizon and admire the canopy of trees of all shapes and sizes, young and old, near and far, I can’t help but think, what a massive void there would be if that tree was no more.



When I think of my purpose in life, I think of the Tree.

My purpose in life is just to BE.

My purpose is to spread my canopy over as wide an area as I can to have as much impact as I can in my lifetime.

My purpose is to ensure I have a strong root structure around me to support my massive trunk and canopy so that I can protect my family and they can feel safe under my support and shelter.

My purpose is to nourish myself constantly, and to ensure I have the mechanisms and the structures in place, so that I have a healthy body and mind, always.

And my purpose in life is to be ready to go with the wind when the wind blows or stand in the frost as the frost freezes, that come what will, I am ready, and I am resilient. I will emerge and I will flourish.

My wish in life is to leave a great big void when I leave this world, but to leave the seedlings of my achievements ready and willing to fill that void.

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