I can see me. Can You?

I see an image of a person standing behind a misted glass wall looking in at the crowd inside. The persons identity can’t be made out because of the misted glass, can’t be heard pounding on the thick glass, and as I watch from inside, I realise everyone is walking around, talking among themselves, enjoying the party and completely oblivious to this figure. I know this because of their body language. They are not ignoring this person. They are unaware of his presence.

As I watch this scene, I come to understand this person is ME! I know the figure on the other side of the glass is me. I don’t know how I know, but I know. I’m standing in this crowd looking at this person through the glass and I know who it is. I’m among these people but I’m not partaking. Instead, I’m observing them and observing this character behind the glass. I watch. I don’t draw anybody’s attention to this figure pounding on the glass. 


Surely, he wants to be let in, does he not?

Surely, they will see will notice him, hear him, will they?

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