My Approach to Coaching

My coaching is bespoke, created for the individual or couple who is in front of me.

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is far more important than any other one thing

Abraham Lincoln
My Coaching

I work with a small number of select clients each year, by invitation or referral.

My clients are extremely ambitious, who regularly take considered and measured action.   My clients are people of high integrity, their word is their bond.   My clients dream of something bigger, something they often struggle to verbalise.   They are people who do it their way and it does not matter what others think.

Are you that person?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the possibilities and blind to the next step?

Are you afraid to be viewed as ‘taking’ what is yours, putting yourself ahead of others? (or you are afraid of being perceived as ‘not nice’ by others?)

Do you have a secret darkside to your gifts that people never see? (For example, could it be that you are constantly considering others and putting them first, to your own detriment?) 

Perhaps you spend to long figuring out the next step or the perfect step only to never move forward or, if you do, it is too late, the initiative is lost? 

Or it might be the opposite, you are an action taker, but you do not slow down enough to consider the actions you are taking?

I have created a boutique style business where I deliver high level one to one coaching to clients who have the capacity to leverage it many times over.   My coaching is not time based, syllabus based or conventional.   Rather it is in the moment, truthful and transformative.

My Clients

My clients have included a former Director of HR and member of the Senior Leadership team of a €70m international construction firm, a member of the Senior Management team in one of Europe’s leading Airlines, an entrepreneur in the IT Healthcare sector, a Marketing Manager of a leading manufacturing firm in the midlands, the Directors of a growing Financial Services firm in the Northwest as well as business owners and people from the Hospitality and Services sector, including hotels, restaurants and cafés, the Financial Services sector including financial intermediary firms, banking firms to name a few.

Indeed, many of my clients understand the trappings of modern society and have done their own work to overcome that, have been conventionally successful, but they want help to take it to a higher level.   It takes courage, commitment, and resilience to admit to your own limits and to transcend modern beliefs and paradigms. They possess all three. 

Why 2 hours?

I generally create sessions which typically could last up to two hours with a person I have never met before or have invited back for a second or third conversation.   People are often curious about ‘my use of my time.’

I typically respond;

Because what we will be creating is not to be rushed.   Like me once, you have settled for the expectations of others for too long.

If you are the person in front of me, then this is for you.  This is yours.

We will explore your greatness, your desires as well as your current beliefs and your story.

You see, the story you tell yourself everyday keeps you safe. But that story may also prevent you from achieving your greatness, pursuing your desires.

To get to the next level of success, happiness, and freedom, you must leave your existing story behind.

And that is scary!



Tarzan Of The Jungle

The metaphor I liken the challenge to is Tarzan in the jungle swinging on the vine.  To catch the next vine, he must first let one hand go of the existing vine.  Many people do this part in life already.  But, to maintain momentum through the trees he must eventually release his secure grip with his second hand before he knows the new vine is secure in the branches above to hold his weight, so far above the ground.   It is only through this trust in himself, in nature, in the universe that he knows he can continue.  It is this part that not many people understand – what do you need to truly let go?

We spend the time building that trust for you, so that when you are fully committed, you will be able to let go when the time comes.  Only then, can we decide the next step together.

Agreements tend to be for periods from 3 months to 12 months.  Although, I am biased towards longer term agreements.

Currently, my fees range from €5,000 to €30,000

My commitment is to see the greatness in you and help you set yourself free for your betterment and that of humanity.

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