We're all born with infinite potential and creativity. We all have it in us. Each and every one of us. That's the only truth

Deepak Chopra
I am a people person, a thinker, and a giver.

I’m an ordinary man from an Irish farming background with an extraordinary belief within me.

I believe that I possess infinite potential and the same potential is buried deep within each one of us.

Of course, it’s not that simple.

Like many, I’m an enigma – the tall poppy ducking for cover, yet something is urging me to stand up straight.


I’m a conformist, but I struggle with the shackles of conformity.

I’m a traditionalist who longs to be a disruptor.

I’m average, but I know excellence is within me.  There must be a reason to bring it out.

For most of my life I’ve been inside my own head wondering when my life is going to take off and not having the courage to take the action required to start it.

So, what happened? The difference is I have dedicated my life to becoming the person I know is inside me, no excuses.  I have worked with some of the most respected and recognized coaches in Ireland, Europe, and America to hone my coaching craft. I am excited about the prospect of helping you become that incredible person you recognise inside you.

For much of my life, I have been on a journey of discovery.

I have always sought a life where I could feel safe, where I could relax, where I could just be.  For many years I felt this to be an impossibility, a delusion.  As an adult, in corporate life, I often thought I would never find my ideal path – it didn’t exist.

And then I did…

There is something magnificent, truthful, and trusting about being in conversation with one or two others in the creation of vision, expansion and opportunity.  When we are in that space together, time simply doesn’t matter and there is always the space for something magical to happen.  There is no way to describe it adequately.

My journey is your journey.  The more I re-create my own world, the more possibility, the more opportunity I help create for you.  I love what I do. I thank God I found the courage to take that initial step all those years ago.

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A Cause for Optimism

I believe the world has entered a phase of unparalleled opportunity, where technological and scientific advances make it possible to end poverty in the world, create a just and fair society for all, and solve the problem of climate change in a generation.

I believe that we have the capability to reach a higher level of consciousness which will create within us a renewed sense of purpose and community.

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