I Am a Tree

I am a Tree on the landscape When I look out on the horizon from my window, I see nature as God intended. I had been meditating on how to truly slow down and allow myself to BE. You see I’m challenged about how to allow myself to BE and yet how to bring in […]

I can see me. Can You?

I see an image of a person standing behind a misted glass wall looking in at the crowd inside. The persons identity can’t be made out because of the misted glass, can’t be heard pounding on the thick glass, and as I watch from inside, I realise everyone is walking around, talking among themselves, enjoying the […]

Building a Lasting Relationship with your Financial Partner

At several points in the career of a coach, they will encounter a client who is experiencing cashflow challenges, or difficulties in receiving approval for credit. These challenges can easily obstruct the client’s progress towards business and personal goals. But could those challenges be reframed by the coach? Michael Hegarty is a coach and a Qualified Financial […]