The Power of a Testimonial

“Tackling something when you are not sure what it is exactly, is both daunting and challenging, Michael’s self-belief that he is going to be the best coach helps overcome the difficulties that arise on that journey, and when he is in the zone his words and delivery are powerful.”– CFO, West of Ireland To share time and space […]

Coming back to Centre

I had one of those conversations yesterday where the conversation goes quiet. It’s where everything slows down in the moment as we are both, in our own way, realising what had come up for us. For me as coach, this was not a pre-determined destination. For my client, this was a real insight. Part of […]

Who am I to interrupt you?

The pandemic is in full swing and I’m still in the process of building a sustainable business in my chosen field. People are my chosen field.  To support and serve people in as powerful a way as I know how. To equip them to solve the biggest problems and challenges that face humanity.  They can […]

We are Complete

The assumption we often make is we are broken and therefore we must get fixed, or we are lost, therefore we must find ourselves. The reality is different. The reality is we are whole to begin with. There is nowhere to go, nowhere to come from, nothing to fix or change. Think of a baby […]